Lesson 4d - Wish and hope

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Wish and hope - Common mistakes in English, part 4

Expressions with “Hope” and “Wish”

“I hope so”, “I should hope so”

These expression mean I hope that’s true or I hope that will happen

For example, let’s say your native department store and the saleperson says “Your girlfriend will love this perfume”

You reply “ I hope so. I’m not good at choosing gifts”

“I hope not”, “ I should hope not”

These expressions mean I hope that’s not true or I hope that won’t happen

Example, one parent said to another. “Hide the presents in the attic

The children won’t find them there

The other relpies “I should hope not”

“Don’t get your hopes up”

This is said when you are in doubt about something happening in the future

It's often used when someone is pessimistic or unconfident

For example, a brother or sister said “Do you think Dad will buy me a new car for Christmas?

The other replies: “Ha! Don’t get your hopes up”

“Make a wish”

This is said when you want to tell someone to think about what they want

For example, while blowing out candles on a birthday cake or before throwing a lucky penny into a fountain

Here in the picture, you see someone's holding a wishbone

Now some people belive that if you hold the wishbone with another person in the truth you pull it the part

The person who has the big of part is the one who'll be lucky

“Your wish is my command”

This is said often jokingly to give your agreement to a request

For example, one said “Could you give me a back massage, dear?

The other replies“Your wish is my command”

Special occasions

You can hope that you do something

For example, I hope you have a good time

I hope you have a good trip back

We hope you enjoy your new home

And you can wish someone something

For example, we wish you a merry Christmas

My friends wished me a happy birthday

My parents wished me good luck before my performance

You also see these expressions, the common in writing

Best wishes for the New Year!

Or we often end the letter or message with “Best wishes”. Sometimes we drop the word “Wishes” and simply use “Best”.

“You wish!”, “ I wish!”

These expressions are said when the speaker believes something is untrue, unlikely, or impossible, but wants the situation to be just the opposite

Example, one friend said “Wouldn’t you love to be a millionaire?”

And you reply “I wish”.

Exercise 4: Read the statement and choose the appropriate expression

Example: Your friend didn’t study for today’s test

She says: “Maybe the teacher will let me take the test another day.

You know this won’t happen and say. A, “I hope so” or b “ Don’t get your hopes up!”

Answer b, and note this expression isn’t very polite

Esepcially if you use in certain time

I can say simply “ Don’t get your hopes up” and that’s not  terribly impolite

But if I say “Don’t get your hopes up”. Doesn’t come across very polite

Number 1: Your friend is ready to blow out the candles on her birthday cake

You say: A “You wish”, or b “Make a wish”

Answer: b, “Make a wish”

Your father says “It may rain tommorrow

“You and your friends have been planning a hike and a picnic

So you respond. A, “I hope so”, b, “I hope not”

The answer, b “I hope not”

Three, your roommate is going on a job interview

You say: a, I wish you good luck, b Best wishes

Answer a: “I wish you good luck” or you can simply say  “Good luck”

Four: “Your mother asks: “Would you please take out the trash this morning?

“You’re happy to help, so you smile and say: a, “don’t get your hopes up”. B, “Your wish is my command”

Answer: b “Your wish is my command”

Thanks for watching and Merry Christmas

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