A Wild Boar Cull Planned for Forest of Dean

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A wild boar cull planned for Forest of Dean

Hunting boar was once the sport of kings, a pastime so popular they disappeared from Britain for centuries. But in the forest of Dean, they’re thriving once more. Not that Dennis Beech, is happy about it.

DB: I come up to the door and looked and this is where they start, it’s amazing how big pieces they dig up. You know, it’s just phenomenal. It was a lot of hard work, just gone.

The wild boar diet includes acorns and beechnuts and when they forage, this can happen.

DB: This is all done with their snouts.

So your once pristine lawn is no more.

DB: The lawn is gone. I can’t even get my car in the garage now. I can’t get down to here and I can’t get into the carriage.

What do you think of the wild boar?

DB: Not a lot…

So why are wild boar thriving here?
Well, nine years ago, some 60 animals were dumped illegally. One theory is that a farmer no longer wanted them. Despite small-scale culls, the population has grown ever since. Wild boar have no natural predators and they breed quickly. A sal might give birth to ten piglets a year – maybe more. And unlike parts of continental Europe, here, the boar population and the human population are living in close proximity.

Reg Taylor helps run Harrow Hill football club. One January morning, he woke to find the pitch ruined.

I was really annoyed because it costs us money and we haven’t got money to chuck away on things like that, you know.

What should  they’ve done?

They should cull them and keep them culled. Keep the population down.

But for others, the thriving boar population in this forest is something to celebrate.

They need to eat to survive, and that’s all they’re doing. Instead of condemning the boar and looking on the boar routines in a negative light, why not promote it and say look at our boar, Deanians, come and see our boar Deanians, we’ve got healthy wildlife living in a healthy forest.

To cull or not to cull? It depends on how many boar there actually are. A moot point, one Ian Harvey is trying to resolve.

IHAs a species, they’re notoriously difficult to get a census of. We are going to go out once it’s dark and use a thermal imaging device to see what we can detect.

Well we are driving along these preplanned routes through the forest.

They are very nocturnal, so night time is a good time to pick up animals as they’re moving around foraging for food.

I think that there’s one there…maybe to focus in on it, take a picture so you’ve got a record of what’s been seen.

In the darkness, Ian searches and counts, but come the morning the arguments surrounding the boar that live here will continue.

Source: bbc.co.uk

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A Wild Boar Cull Planned for Forest of Dean
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