Time : 2021-01-22 16:41:42
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It is true that young people do not like classical music in some parts of the world. This can be explained by the quintessential nature of the genre itself; however, I think young people should be motivated to go to live concerts or to play a classical instrument as these will help them be more creative and attentive.
For a start, young listeners are often unfamiliar with classical music mainly because it seems too difficult for them to understand the intricate masterpieces or become part of classical orchestras. Indeed, the genre is naturally very complex, often requiring its audience to have a keen sense of music and life experience, which is less common among teenagers. Meanwhile, it took years of intensive training to be able to perform Chopin's "Nocturne" intro, while a complete beginner only needs a few months of occasional practice to cover the Main song by Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. These factors are the reason why most young people prefer simpler genres like Pop or R&B.
However, classical music should be loved by young people as it has been scientifically proven to promote creativity and concentration. Brain scans have found that classical performances stimulate different parts of the brain, many of which are involved in enhanced imagination and creative thinking. In an experiment done at an Australian university, students who could play symphonies composed by Beethoven or Mozart tended to have about 30 minutes longer attention span compared to just 7 minutes for the other students. It seems to me that these benefits are of utmost importance and will help those who love classical music gain an edge in study and work.
In short, although classical music can be difficult to perceive or play, its values ​​including increased creativity and improved concentration have convinced me that young people should definitely take in. attend more concerts and classical classes. To encourage them, schools and other educational institutions can invite famous musicians to perform on special occasions and share their passion for this valuable music.

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