Time : 2020-09-10 20:07:00
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It is true that many young people are easily influenced by their peers. While I accept that this can sometimes have a positive effect on children, I believe that it is more likely to have a harmful impact.

On the one hand, the influence from peers can sometimes be beneficial to youngsters. First, peer pressure might help young adults reflect on their actions and amend their ways to become a better individual . Observing others working hard to achieve their goals will definitely encourage teenagers to put more effort into their own targets. For instance, when a teenager knows that his teammates are practising hard to become better basketball players, it will directly affect his own performance. Second, peer pressure can provide wider perspectives on the world young people are living in. The most efficient way to acquire new knowledge and useful skills is to learn from the peers that they socialize with.

On the other hand, peer pressure can be a very destructive force. Mixing with bad company means that teenagers can be influenced by bad habits such as taking drugs, smoking and drinking. Furthermore, peer pressure can discourage adolescents from thinking independently. In some cases, they have to think and act like the whole group or they may even have to seek acceptance from their peers before making up their mind. Extreme peer pressure may lead youngsters to follow what their peers feel is right, resulting in a loss of independence in thought and behaviour.

To sum up, I feel that peer pressure has more negative impact, even though it can sometimes be beneficial to the all-round development of an individual.

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