Time : 2020-06-06 11:01:20
Điểm: 7/10
We might as well propose that Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites are one of the most enjoyable things ever invented thanks to the born of the Internet. Using these sites, we can virtually upload our cat's cutest sleeping positions, the whoppingly overwhelming Mc Donald breakfast that we just consumed, and most of all, expensive, luxurious, glamorous parties and, most of all, celebrations that we spent a big fortune on. And thanks to the ever-making-progress Internet, other people from around the globe could see everything you've upload, see all the events of your life that you experienced. This gives you the unimaginable satisfaction of seeing other people liking and commenting on your Facebook post, which can enhance your joy ( temporary).
But as always there's not a single thing that humanity had created that is perfect in every single way, and this is no exception. It is for a fact that hosting expensive parties and spending a big fortune on celebrations gives you satisfaction and enjoyment, but is this beneficial in the long term? That, like many others, is a question coming from our daily lives yet has had no accurate answers, and as always my role is not to show you the solution but to nudge you in the right direction and let you figure it out for yourselves.
First of all, let's discuss the possible consequences of spending your time and money in not-long-lasting celebration and parties. The argument about budget and finance can be noted immediately: unless you are a millionaire who runs a successful enterprise and has no worry about debt, then you'll see how expensive your parties can be: the price of hiring servers and musicians, the huge debt you'll own to the owner of a restaurant, the financial problem you'll encounter with the team who cleaned up after your party was over, etc. You might not think very clearly and wisely about these costs, but after everything was over you'll be struggling to pay for everything. Surely finance is a huge problem: after the enjoyment of hosting a party with everyone laughing and cheering at you shall come to the disappointment and even in some cases confusion when you see your bank account. And to balance things out, your lifestyle will be forced into restriction: your salary stays the same, but your daily life becomes quite different: having to calculate how much groceries costs, struggling to decide whether things you like are things you need, worrying about your dinner at the end of the month, etc. So spending a huge fortune on celebrations can be concluded as a total waste of money. And if you're wise enough to think and consider other people around the globe than you yourselves, please do not forget then somewhere in a waterless desert in Africa live hungered children starving to death, dying of malnutrition; somewhere in an earthquake-struck city in the Philippines lies hundreds of people stuck in the debris, dying slowly of a wound, waiting hopelessly to be rescued. Instead of wasting your money on short-term enjoyment, you can instead take advantage of it, to donate to charitable organizations, to help to rescue unlucky people of such kind. And even if you're not so thrilled in being a generous and kind person, the money you spent on your last birthday party could be a much better use: for buying things you craved, for education, for work quality, for investments,... The core argument here is that your money, time and effort could be a much better use than to get several views and comments on Facebook- put it to good use, and you won't regret it later.
But on the other hand, something is solid and unforgettable: the psychological effects of hosting celebrations of such kinds. Hosting expensive, glamorous parties is not so much different than eating a Big Mac: the guilty pleasure of doing it. Despite knowing the beef we just ate came from a cow living a depressing, crowded life in a cramped cage, never seeing the sunlight, its infants being taken away several hours before it was born, we eat Big Mac, we love Big Mac, we crave for Big Mac- and it goes the same with spending money on expensive birthday parties. We know its consequences and what we're ought to face after everything is over, yet we still love it. It fell satisfactional, enjoyable to do such things, and that's why we still do it. It is concluded, therefore, that doing such unessential things, despite bringing many possible drawbacks, is beneficial for our emotional mind, and thus beneficial for individuals and society.
In conclusion, the choice is yours, the decision is yours, and the actions are yours to take.

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