Time : 2021-10-17 01:05:51
Điểm: 9/10
Never before has there been as much money as there is today, and rarely has money been so cheap. And yet the central bank continues to pump money into the world. We're being flooded by trillions of dollars and euros. It's never been easier for investors to get their hands on cheap money. Running up debts is practically free of charge as snowball system that let the rich become even richer. Savers, on the other hand, are losing billions every year, thanks to low interest rates. This deluge of money has created deals worth billions. Companies are bought and sold for vast sums because loans are cheap. The employees become the of the speculators. This couple faces the same dilemma as many others: what to do with their savings in this world of low interest rates. His life insurance policy is due to pay out soon. How should he invest the money? In a house? They already got one.

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