Time : 2020-10-30 18:48:07
Điểm: 10/10
This will be the first human Moon landing during the lifetime of three quarters of the world's population. Nasa’s fast-tracked its exploration plans in the hope of establishing sustainable exploration by the end of the decade. The lucky astronauts will have these modern spacesuits with greater flexibility to conduct science experiments on the Moon. The first woman on the Moon, who will instantly become a household name and source of inspiration, hasn't yet been chosen. Nasa says she will be somebody currently in the astronaut corps who has flown to the International Space Station already. Neil Armstrong's first steps in 1969, not only won the space race for America by beating the Soviet Union but provided a giant step in understanding for science. So what happens next? Lawmakers have already allocated 600 million dollars towards the lunar lander, but Nasa will need a total of 3.2 billion to develop the vehicle in full.

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