Time : 2020-02-21 20:48:24
Điểm: 10/10
Fourteen-year-old Leia has a life-threatening nut allergy. That means eating or even touching some nuts could lead to anaphylaxis. We were able to show, at the beginning of the study, that she was allergic to all these six nuts, but that she was actually tolerant of these five nuts, that she could then introduce into the diet. And we followed up Leia for three years, and after three years, she had actually outgrown her cashew nut allergy. And so she could then actually eat more nuts than what she was allergic to. And this is really important because most people who have a nut allergy diagnosis are told to avoid all nuts and also potentially sesame seed. So being able to introduce different nuts into their diet under medical supervision, we're able to expand their diet, reduce dietary restrictions, reduce social restrictions, and we've also shown that it improves their quality of life by reducing their anxieties.

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