Time : 2011-11-17 14:27:46
Điểm: 9/10
Safe from other animals and people. It’s not the people don’t care, it’s just they’re unaware because they don’t understand that sea tortoises play a very important ecological role in the marine ecosystem. Some tortoises are source of food for fish, others help maintain reefs vital to marine life. Tiny baby tortoises emerge from the sand. It can take days for them to struggle to the surface after hatching from eggs buried by their mother. We can just see the head and one figure out
Supraja Dharini has the Tree Foundation started when she learned the rapidly willing population of sea tortoises that nest on South India shore.To help the tortoises survive, she and her volunteers relocate the tortoise’s nest in specially built farmly huts where there…. or each jelly fish that drives on fish seeks
But tortoises are now dead for they need help
Hatchlings are carried to the shore, getting them to the water safely still more hazards life ahead. This sea tortoise is missing three of her slippers.

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