Time : 2011-11-11 09:00:05
Điểm: 9/10
If you look at the long-term future in emerging markets, it definitely has to be Asia begin with in terms of sizes. Because you’ve got the two giants India and China, so there has to be a pretty good waiting in those areas; Of course, all the surrounding countries -Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, you name it – they’re all benefiting from this growth in China and India .So that’s definitely gotta be there. Next territory is going to be Latin America then you have most importantly Brazil which the largest entity in Latin America followed by Mexico and some of the other countries. Then Eastern Europe and Africa, in terms of growth prospect Africa looks the best. But the challenges are very very big. So we have to do a lot of deep research and we have to take it very slowly to make sure we’re making the right decisions.

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