Time : 2011-10-25 18:42:18
Điểm: 7/10
John Palfry:
I think Harvard is perfectly positioned to be leading this new form to change and the reasons are we have this great history of experimentation in learning. And infact we have a history of moving the power for pedagogy. We also are place that ty ourselves on building from tradition.
Drew Faust:
For act commiment of teaching and learning to be understood within community as a fundemental part of who we are and to be understood more widely as a fundamental part of Harvard's identity.
samuel Galler:
I think students expect something different when they walk in your classroom and they might even need something different in order to learn effectedly.
eric Mazur:
I would say 99.9% of use of Technolody education are simply a new way of doing all things. So I've always been looking at using technology that some effects think that they can not be done the old way.
Evelynn M. Hammon's:
It is the time for us to think about the best way of using the new tool as students are in many cases more familar with than we are and making sure that we are offering them the best way to get into the knowledge we want them to understand.

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