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Write a paragraph about a day of your routine. Begin as follow:

Everyday, I often get up at six and then wash my teeth and my face....................



Make sentences about your typical day routine. Here are some examples:

  • get up at 6 and wash my teeth and face
  • have breakfast at 6.30
  • watch the news at 7
  • go to school at 7.30
  • have lunch at 12
  • have a short rest at 12.30
  • going out with friends
  • ______________________.
  • ______________________.


Everyday, I often get up at six and then I wash my teeth and face.



Submit your writing in the comment section.



September 2004

Dear Jane,

I'm very pleased that we're going to be penfriends. It’s wonderful to have someone with whom I can share my opinions and experiences. In this first letter, I'll write a few words about myself and it would be great if you could do the same when you’ll be writing to me. I live in Pabianice, a small town near Łodź. My house is situated in the outskirts of the town and it takes a lot of time to get to the town centre by bus. Despite this disadvantage, I like my house very much because it’s spacious. My parents built and decorated it. My father has his own business and my mother takes care of the house. I also have a sister who lives in Vancouver, Canada. She is doing her Ph.D. in eighteenth century
British literature.
I am a pet lover and have a dog, a cat, a canary, and two fish. They need a lot of attention. I play with my dog and cat every day. I feed my pets two times a day and walk my dog every evening. Music is my hobby. I love rock and metal. My favorite band is Metallica. I have lots of CDs and I listen to them whenever I have some free time. I also like cycling. I wish I could ride a bike every day, but I usually have no time.
I go to the 1st General Secondary in Pabianice. I choose a biology class because I like biology and chemistry. I hate history because facts and dates are difficult to memorize. I also go to a music school. I play the violin and the piano. This is why I have little, if any, free time. At the moment I’m working very hard. A new school year has started and I have lots of books to read, hundreds of new English and French words to memorize, and many papers to write. I hope you're not as busy as I am and can reply quickly.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon,

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