Bài 25: Câu hỏi đuôi (Tag Questions)

Tag Questions

Tag questions can be difficult for students so understand “can’t they”

Here is a simple matching activity to help take some of the confusion on of this somewhat wonky part of the English language

Tag questions are very common in daily use

We use them not only to ask general questions but also to confirm a suspicion such as “You didn’t take out the trash, did you?”

Some are easlier to form than others

For example, when the verb is clearly visible students know they can say “It is cold out, isn’t it?”

By just taking “is” and using the negative “isn’t” in the tag

But  what’s about “You want a raise, don’t you?”

Why the verb in the tag “Don’t” when the verb in the first part of sentence is “want”

This is where gets tricky for students. We have to teach them there were certain verbs like “have, want, take, etc.”

There are an imply “do” and that’s why we use the form to tag

So really the question is “You do want a raise, don’t you?”

To practise it, I printed it out some tag questions and cut off the tags

I’m going to give each group of students a set of questions and they have to match the tags to be approcitate questions

For example, “You forgot my birthday, didn’t you?”

Ok, class so now we’ll practise the tag questions

And Peter and Sepeli, you gonna work together

Juhei and Rachile and Jack in the collect.

And you'll open your envelopes and you read it, pair the questions to the tags, please

Great! Ok class very good!

So now we’re going around and everyone can read one of the phrases, one of the tag questions

Russer, yes, please. The batteries aren't dead, are they?

Class, Is that correct? Yes. Very good, yes

Ok, the next one. We don’t have to go to the Stargent, do we?

Class, what do you think? That's right . Yes, very good!, thank you!

He can't understand better, can he?

Class, what do you think? Yes, right! Great

It’s not going to rain tomorrow, is it?

What do you think, class? Is that correct? Yes

That’s the right one, isn’t it? Does everyone get that? Yes

John isn’t coming to the party, is he?

Is that correct,  class? Yes, very good, thank you!

Peter, She will bring the belt, will she? What do you think, class? Yes

You forgot my birthday, didn’t you?

What do you think?Is that correct? Very good, very good, thank you everyone

I think this activity worked well and my students got a chance to become more comfortable with tag questions

Other ways to practice could include giving students the cards with the verb on it and have formed the approciate questions

Having one student start a question and others try to complete it using the correct tag. Make a game all of it

The first student to form the correct tag get a point

Or giving them a work sheet with the incorrect tags and having them correct them

Once your students master tag questions they will be able to test general questions, confirm suspicion more naturually and be one step closer of fluency 

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